Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant Outside of California Begins Construction in Florida, Online in 2010

martin solar thermal plant photo

artist rendering: FPL

There are bigger solar projects in the works , but the new Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center near Indiantown, Florida can make a couple of ‘first’ claims (for the time being at least): It is the largest solar thermal plant outside of California; and, is the first hybrid solar power facility in the world to connect to an existing combined-cycle natural gas power plant.

Construction on the 75MW solar thermal plant began yesterday, with the plant expected to come online in 2010. More details are as follows:Enough Power for 11,000 Homes
The Florida Power & Light plant will consist of 180,000 parabolic mirrors, spread out over the 500 acre site located just north of Palm Peach County. It is estimated that the plant will create enough power for about 11,000 homes.

FPL currently has two other solar projects in the works: One at the Kennedy Space Center and one in Desoto County. Combined capacity of these and the Martin solar center will be 110 megawatts.

via: Cleantechnica and PV-tech
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