Large-Scale Solar Farms to Be Developed in Scotland

Last week, I posted on the launch of the world's largest community owned solar project in sunny old England. Travel North, across the border with Scotland, and you'll find communities who are pushing for more wind turbines and community ownership as Scotland guns for 100% renewables by 2020.

But wind isn't the only resource that the Scots have up their sleeves. They are already pushing hard on marine power, and now the Scotsman reports that there are plans to bring large-scale solar to Scottish farms:

Scotland on Sunday has learned that a Glasgow-based solar panel developer, TGC Ren­ewables, is in talks with Scottish farms to set up two test sites following successful trials in the south of England. Although Scotland enjoys fewer hours of sunshine than Devon and Cornwall, developers insist that longer daylight hours and microclimates linked to the jet stream make large-scale solar projects
viable north of the Border.

The plans have reportedly received a boost from a near-term government goal of Scotland achieving 50% renewable production by 2015, seen as a major stepping stone to reaching 100% by 2020. (The Department of Energy and Climate Change recently released statistics showing Scotland is already sourcing 1/3rd of its power from renewables.)

Large-Scale Solar Farms to Be Developed in Scotland
Scotland might seem like an unlikely place for large-scale solar. Yet longer days, favorable microclimates and ambitious government targets has some developers making big plans.

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