Kudzu Harvesting for the Production of Ethanol, Redux

Since the first time we reported on developments to use kudzu— the invasive Asian vine covering many areas of the southern United States—as a feedstock for the production of ethanol elicited such an enthusiastic response this short interview may be of interest.

Done by Chemically Green, it asks Doug Mizell, co-founder of Agro*Gas Industries about their efforts to refine "Kuzunol" and their planned use of waste products for the production of ethanol. Only because the firm is just starting out, not because of any inherent problem with their plans an described by Mizell, I’d take the whole thing as aspirational rather than instrumental—there’s no place you can go out and buy Kudzunol yet. That said, Mizell does answer some questions readers had asked in our original kudzu post, so it is certainly worth watching.

Keep in ming that the video quality isn’t quite up to professional standards—not sure whether it’s a focus issue or a compression issue—but there it is.

via :: Chemically Green
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