Kazakhstan Announces 2 GW Solar PV Power Plant

Yes, it's huge. And, yes, if I were a betting man, I might place my money on it never actually getting completed.

PV Magazine reports that construction on what is planned to be a 2 gigawatt solar PV power plant in Kazakhstan is slated to start next year—though the first phase of the project is only 24 MW.

The project, being undertaken by French and Kazakh companies, could supply 10% of Kazakhstan's annual electricity usage, if completed at full scale.

Why the skepticism? Well, first of all, at the moment the project still needs feasibility studies done by the Kazakh government, and secondly, let's just say that anyone even paying cursory attention to gigantor-scale renewable energy projects like this over the past several years would have to admit that the vast majority of them don't quite make it all the way to the initially planned size.

That said, this is a bet I'd happily lose.

Kazakhstan Announces 2 GW Solar PV Power Plant
If completed at full scale it'd supply 10% of Kazakhstan's electricity.

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