Kansas removes a barrier to large scale windfarms.

Proponents of wind power development in Kansas scored a victory this April when Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill creating a new State entity with the authority to build electricity transmission lines.

Excerpts from The Business Journal of Kansas City - 2:48 PM CDT Tuesday
"The new entity, the Kansas Electric Transmission Authority, is designed to aid the development of wind farms in rural stretches that aren't close to the electricity grid. It also gives utilities in remote areas of western Kansas a chance to hook into the grid and have better availability of electricity". "There's a tremendous opportunity for wind generation, and this is one way to solve that problem," Charles Benjamin, a Sierra Club lobbyist who helped write the legislation, said Tuesday.
Kansas has been a net importer of electrical for some time and this law allows the state to build transmission lines and ship wind power to other states that are in an energy crunch.

Wow..spun one way, its an astounding bit of eco-socialism from a State that's been proudly conservative of late. Spun the other way, its pure market smarts and pragmatism that makes the State and our nation more sustainable.

Remember Dorothy who only wanted to wake up back in Kansas, leaving the tornado-spawned bad dream behind? Perhaps Kansas' Governor Sebelius wants to be thought of as wakening to "think globally and acting locally" like a TreeHugger. Even if she were only "accidentally green", TreeHuggers, though, should still wish her, and the new authority, well. With Kansas' courageous example, other States may be more inclined to "Follow the Yellow Brick Road".

'I love the smell of the prairie in the morning'.

by: John Laumer