Kalamazoo CC Offers First Wind Turbine Installer Training in US

Technicians Hanging on Wind Turbine Farm

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With the current, renewed interest in green jobs and greening the economy, logically we'll need a trained workforce to install all of these new green projects. In the past, TreeHugger has covered solar installer training, and community colleges offering renewable energy training in general, but now the Kalamazoo Gazette reports that Kalamazoo Community College is offering wind turbine installer training - the first of its kind in the United States. If you're not afraid of heights and looking for a new career, this class might be for you.

Technician Standing on Wind Turbine Farm Photo
Courses are 26-weeks long, with 15 students in each "class." Two programs will be run each year. The program is based on a european certification program and will train technicians to install commercial-grade wind turbines, like the kind seen on large wind farms. In addition, starting summer 2009, the college will also offer a 35-credit-hour program to train people to service the commercial grade wind turbines. Currently there is no "standard" or certification for people who work on wind turbines. The Kalamazoo program will be certified by the German-based Bildungszentrum fur Erneuerebare Center, basically translated as the Renewable Energy Education Center.

The new wind-turbine technician training program is part of the college's larger Wind Energy Center. Kalamazoo recently installed a 145-foot tall wind turbine on campus both for the energy benefits, as well as, instructional benefits for students. Kalamazoo Community College has also partnered with Entegrity Wind Systems Inc. (a Boulder, CO based wind-turbine installation and manufacture company) to train and certify all of their technicians.:Kalamazoo Gazette
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