Jargon Watch: Locavolt

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Great word. It appears to have been coined by Peter Asmus, who wrote in his blog:

"The "locavore" movement is big, especially in California. With the bounty of food found locally in the Bay Area, living off the land — and sea — is not only possible, but a delicious exercise.

Less obvious is a brewing "locavolt" revolution that is challenging our status quo approach to providing power. In response to high gasoline and natural gas prices, global climate change, and the terrorist threat, people are looking to generate power right in their own homes and neighborhoods. California is again in the lead, pushing towards greater energy independence. "

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He notes that we are moving from widespread centralized distribution to "micro-grids" which are self-contained islands of electric power, and where locavolts tap "indigenous renewable resources." - Has anyone called electricity called "indigenous" before?

He sees plug-in hybrids as storage devices that "will be able to serve as a mini-power generator for your home and store renewable energy from your solar photovoltaics (PV) system or your small wind turbine. Plug-in hybrids may also help balance out a smarter electricity grid capable of easily sending power back and forth between generators and consumers, much like we send and receive e-mails on the Internet today."

An interesting, positive vision of the future from ::Peter Asmus via ::Worldchanging
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Jargon Watch: Locavolt
Great word. It appears to have been coined by Peter Asmus, who wrote in his blog:

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