Jargon Watch: GeoExchange

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When I previously wrote a post on Jargon Watch: Geothermal vs Ground Source Heat Pump, suggesting that the use of the word geothermal to describe ground source heat pumps was inappropriate, it caused some controversy in comments, including my favourite, (later recanted) "This strikes me as uninformed drive-by "journalism".

It seems that in Canada at least, others agree; the industry here is promoting the term GeoExchange as a better term. Sophie Martin of the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition told me that the ground source heat pump industry was looking for a better description and came up with this, but Google shows earlier uses in the States. They call the installations GX Systems, which sounds a whole lot cooler than GSHP. Wherever it came from, I like it.


Lots of good information on the otherwise dry website for the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition.
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