Its All our Fault: Natural Gas Running out in Eight Years

natural gas.jpg
A comic said "if I opened a funeral parlour, people would stop dying". We feel that way after installing a brand new high efficiency furnace two days ago and then reading that we are going to run out of natural gas in 8.1 years- before the warranty even runs out. Dave Hughes of Natural Resources Canada gave a lecture in Calgary on February 2 called "The Coming Energy Sustainability Crisis: Alternatives to Oil, Implications of Demand Growth and the Way Forward."

"North America peaked in terms of conventional natural gas production in 2001—2002. Notable examples of the effects of this peak are the dramatic increase in prices for natural gas and natural gas-dependent products, such as fertilizers and plastics. Consumption trends and patterns were also explored. In every case, the phenomenal growth rates in our economy show a complete disconnect with the reality of the resources currently supporting them. Canada, for example, has 8.1 years left in natural gas reserves." ::Post Carbon Institute, ::Peak Natural Gas