Italy to Get Another Gigantic Rooftop Solar Power Array (15 MW)

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photo: Andreas Demmelbauer via flickr

Recently the Milan Trade Fair announced that it would be building an 18 MW rooftop solar array, becoming the world's largest. Now, Interporto di Padova and SOLON have announced that they will be partnering to build another world-leading solar array, on the former's rooftop in Padua:The announced solar power project will cover some 250,000 square meters (2.7 million square feet) of roof space with some 67,500 solar panels, having a rated capacity of 15 MW. It's expected to produce 17 million kWh of electricity per year -- enough power according to SOLON for 5,000 households, and preventing the emissions of 9,000 metric tons of CO2 annually.

Italy Will Now Take First & Second Place
Once completed this will be the second largest rooftop solar power project in the world, behind that at the Milan Trade Fair. Rounding out the top rooftop projects planned or under construction: GM's 12 MW array in Zaragosa, Spain, and the Port of Los Angeles' planned 10 MW, 1.16 million square feet array.

The current largest installed array in the United States in the 2.37 MW array on the Atlantic City convention center.

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