IREO Renewable Energy Awards Honors Industry's Best, Brightest (and Youngest)

Nikos Spiridakis, the 11 year old director of this PSA, was honored with the status of UN Junior Goodwill Ambassador

Last Thursday evening at the United Nations several renewable energy luminaries—and some TreeHugger favorites—were honored at the IREO Renewable Energy Awards. That's the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, for those needing some deciphering of the alphabet soup. At the gala event the following people were honored:Science & Technology Award
Receiving Science and Technology Awards were: Dr Arthur J. Nozik, Senior Research Fellow Scientific Director of the Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the University of Colorado, Boulder; and, Dr Daniel Nocera of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Frequent TreeHugger readers may remember Dr Nocera from his announcement last summer of making a serious breakthrough in the production of hydrogen, with some serious implication for the future of fuel cells and renewable energy.

NGO Award
The NGO Award went to the Sulabh International Social Service Organization for their promotion of "human rights, environmental sanitation, health and hygiene, non-conventional source of energy, waste management, and social reforms through education."

Goodwill Ambassadors
Three additional UN Goodwill Ambassadors were named: John Paul Dejoria (Paul Mitchell Systems, Patrón, Sun King Solar), Josh Tickell (director of the award-winning film FUEL), and the 11 year old Nikos Spirdakis (director of the climate change PSA, "Save It").

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