Ireland Offers New Feed-In Tariff for Small-Scale Renewable Energy, For a Limited Time

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The idea is to encourage more renewable energy development rural areas... photo: Fionn Kidney via flickr

In an effort to kick-start small-scale renewable energy development at homes and farms, Ireland has established a new feed-in tariff program. But if you want in on it, you had better act fast. Only the first 4,000 projects registered in the next three years will qualify:The new tariff for wind, solar, hydro and combined heat and power project sets the rate program participants will receive for the electricity they generate at €0.19 ($0.26) per kilowatt-hour.

Micro-Generation Project Grants Available, Too
What's more, Sustainable Energy Ireland is taking applications for grants to cover up to 40% of the costs of 50 micro-generation renewable energy projects up to 50 kW in size, as part of pilot field trials that will investigate technical and regulatory issues surrounding micro-generation.

Additional steps Ireland is taking to meet its goal of having 33% of its energy come from renewable sources by 2020 include: Exempting small-scale renewable energy projects from needing to seek permission from planning authorities, and streamlining procedures in connecting these projects to the electric grid.

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