Investment in UK Renewables Will Reach £2.5bn

wind turbine photo

We already know that Brits want more wind, more solar and more clean energy subsidies. And it looks like they're in luck. Business Green reports that new government figures predict total investment in UK renewables projects will reach £2.5bn (almost $4bn) in the fiscal year of 2012. Maybe that's one reason why officials are confident Britain will far exceed 34% CO2 cuts by 2020. Here's more from Business Green:

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released new figures suggesting total investment in renewable energy projects in the UK during fiscal 2012 will reach £2.5bn, supporting around 12,000 jobs. The new figures show that with three months still to go until the end of the fiscal year companies have announced plans for almost £2.5bn of investment in renewable energy projects, such as wind farms, biomass power plants, and solar installations.

Investment in UK Renewables Will Reach £2.5bn
Investment in renewables is soaring in the UK. Officials predict a total of £2.5bn this fiscal year.

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