Indonesian Tofu Makers Turn Waste into Biogas: Video Clip

This is a short clip, but I love it. It combines so many of the things dear to my heart: Community-based solutions, renewable energy, and (of course) tofu. Yes, I’m a self-confessed tofu lover. Many may call me crazy but there it is.

On a more serious note, as we saw in another video clip from China which I posted a few weeks back, the move to turn food and agricultural waste products into useful and renewable energy sources continues to gain steam. And what’s not to like about it? Reduce waste producing renewable energy, save money, clean up pollution in local waterways.
Remember, it’s not just food and agricultural waste that can be put to service to produce biogas, to be used as-is or used to generate electricity: Human and animal excrement can be used as well.

via :: Reuters
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