Indonesian Kancil Minicar Promoted by Government

The big US car makers just had to be expecting they'd grab some car market in developing economies. With their obscessive focus on SUV's and Megatrucks in the US, did they really expect nations like Indonesia to wait around for efficient transportation? Surprise. The Indonesian made "Kancil" pictured here was designed to overtake the Indian-designed three-wheeled "bajajs" that so famously pollute Indonesian cities. From Jakarta: "The diminutive Kancil minicar has a 404cc engine, seats four, can reach a maximum speed of 80kph and gets 17-20km to the liter...The company has already sold some 500 of the Kancil minicar at a price of 40 million rupiah ($4,093), and is now set to promote and popularize the vehicle with the blessing of preferential treatment from the government". UPDATE: this Kancil Minicar image is the correct one, brought to our attention from a reader in Indonesia, as per the comment below.