India's Solar Power Plans (5GW+) in Gujarat Begin to Take Shape

kutch india photo

A study done by the Clinton Foundation and the Tata Energy Research Institute found the Kutch region of Gujarat to have outstanding solar potential. Photo: Christopher Soghoian via flickr.

Nearly a year to the day after we told you about plans for a 5 GWsolar power project in the Indian state of Gujarat, comes some more news about the hugely ambitious project. It's still all a bit nebulous, but here's what we now know, via The Times of India: Apparently some 1,500 hectares of land in the Rann of Kutch has been allocated by the state of Gujarat for the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation to create the infrastructure for the 'solar park'.

It's not clear if that land is just for the aforementioned, and Clinton Foundation touted, 5GW solar power project, or for a raft of other projects as well.

The Times of India mentions that a new Solar Power Policy is driving development -- electricity generated by solar power is exempt from duty and has 12-year price guarantees: Rs 13 per 'unit' (kWh??) from photovoltaic projects and Rs 10 for solar thermal projects.

via: The Times of India (hat tip to the commenter who pointed this out in the original post from last year...)

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