Indian state plans 25 GW of solar, gets 40

india solar panels photo
CC BY-SA 2.0 Hiroo Yamagata

Earlier this week, I argued that everyone is underestimating renewables.

That appears to be true, even for governments with VERY ambitious clean energy plans in place.

Take this story in the Hindustan Times, for example. The government of the state of Rajasthan recently fixed a target of building a whopping 25 GW of solar within the next few years. However, it has already attracted far more interest from solar businesses, and has signed Memoranda of Understanding agreements to build 40 GW over the next five years.

As Smiti Mittal points out over at Cleantechnica, given the fact that India's national target is for 100 GW by 2022, building 40 GW in just one state two years ahead of that schedule would be a significant sign that solar is here to stay. For perspective on how big a deal this is, the entire world added about 48 GW of solar last year.

With many private corporations dramatically beating their own renewables targets as costs plummet, and coal use stalling in many parts of the world years ahead of predictions, it seems likely that the future of energy will look nothing like the past.

The regions and countries that get out in front will have significant advantages in the years and decades to come.

Indian state plans 25 GW of solar, gets 40
I'll say it again, renewables are taking off much faster than anyone expected.

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