India's First Biodiesel Refinery Planned for State of Orissa

jatropha seedlings photo

Those plants in the rows are jatropha seedlings... photo: Mission Newenergy Ltd

Though its international commercial viability has been far from proven, jatropha-based biofuels have been consistently growing. And it’s not just biodiesel: Two recent jet test flights, one by JAL and one by Continental Airlines, both used jatropha oil in their fuel mixes. Now comes word that Mumbai-based Mission Biofuels has announced that it will be seeking government approval to build India’s first biodiesel refinery, expected to use jatropha oil as feedstock, in the eastern state of Orissa:Though the exact location has yet to be determined—areas mooted include Paradip, Gopalpur, or Dhamra—Mission has stated that it will be spending about $71.6 million for the first phase of the project, which is expected to occupy about 35 hectares of land.

By 2011, Mission plans to expand jatropha cultivation to about 200,000 acres.

India Biofuel Mandate Includes Non-Food Crop Provision
India’s national policy on biofuels stipulates that by 2017 all gasoline and diesel fuel must be have 20% biofuel content. All biofuels blended into the fuel supply must also come from non-edible sources and grown on land unsuitable for food crop cultivation.

Jatropha oil comes from the pressed seeds of jatropha curcas. Traditionally used in many parts of the world as a purgative medicine, consumption of jatropha seeds in quantities of more than four or five seeds can cause death to humans and livestock. Some of the prime touted benefits of jatropha cultivation are its ability to withstand drought and grow in areas of degraded soil.

Mission Biofuels’ parent company, Mission Newenergy Ltd already operates two biodiesel refineries in Malaysia.

via: Cleantech and ZeeNews
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