India Starts Up Asia's Largest Solar Power Plant

Just a quick further example of why we awarded India a Best of Green award this year, for their serious solar ambition: Washington Post reports that in the Indian state of Gujarat the largest solar power plant in Asia has begun producing electricity.

The Gujarat Solar Park is currently at 214 MW, but will expand to 600 MW. It surpasses China's Golmud Solar Park by 14 MW.

Under India's National Solar Mission, 20 GW of solar power is planned to be developed over the next decade. The first phase of that has just ended, with installed solar power falling short of the target, even though from April 2007 to March 2012 14.2 GW of solar power has been installed across the nation.

Largely because of this expansion of solar power, India led the world in renewable energy growth, on a percentage basis, in 2011.

India Starts Up Asia's Largest Solar Power Plant
The 214 MW solar power plant in state of Gujarat is planned to expand to 600 MW.

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