India Outlines First Phase of 22 GW National Solar Mission = 1.3 GW by 2013

india solar panels photo

photo: hiroo via flickr.

Back in November India approved a National Solar Mission--officially the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission--which aims to get 22 GW of solar power online by 2022. Well, more has come out about the implementation of the first phase of that, 1.3 GW by March 2013:Renewable Energy World says that total is to be made up of 1000 MW of grid-connected solar power plants, 100 MW of roof top and small-scale solar power, and 200 MW of non-grid connected power.

Government funding of Rs43.37 billion (USD 950 million) has been approved for the first phase.

Beyond the obvious goal of deploying more carbon-free electricity in a nation with a large coal habit, and do so at grid parity, India hopes to join the top tier of world solar power. Large scale solar power projects--up to 5 GW in Gujarat, and smaller but still substantial in other parts of the nation‚have been tossed around for at least the past eighteen months.

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