India, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea All Soon Clobbering the US on Renewable Energy

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Furthering a trend: As the United States continues virtually deadlocked on enacting any legislation pricing carbon or significantly promoting renewable energy, more Asian countries than China are likely to be outpacing the once world leader in innovation. Reuters reports that Ravi Viswanathan of New Enterprise Associates recently told a Congressional hearing that India, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines all are positioned to soon challenge and threaten the US in this area.Viswanathan said, "These nations have outpaced the US in recruiting, incenting [sic] and developing domestic manufacturing of solar, wind, and battery technology."

Of course you have to add China to that list. Though it certainly has enough environmental problems to choke the proverbial horse (or population) and refuses to admit that for all practical purposes it is no longer a developing nation when it comes to shouldering responsibility from combatting climate change, China is doing far more than the United States to further renewable energy (both manufacturing and deployment) and therefore act to combat climate change.

Two ways to see how bad this is:

Considering that the US is number one or number two on per capita carbon emissions, aggregate national carbon emissions, and total national energy use, the continued myopic inaction by Congress really is fiddling while the planet continues to burn.

More locally and nationalistically, continued inaction means the already gutted manufacturing base across the nation as well as the fountain of technological innovation which has been touted time and time again as somehow making up for that loss all is being lost.

While US politicians and a frighteningly large part of the populace argue nonsensically about whether or not President Obama isn't really a closet Muslim or Marxist and whether or not climate change is really happening and even then whether we ought to do anything about it--all that influenced to a paralyzing degree by corporate money happy to profit off the status quo, damn the long term consequences--the rest of the world moves into the future, happily leaving the US behind.

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