Illinois State University Approves Renewable Energy Degree Program

Following in the footsteps of schools ranging from Arizona State to Canton College, Illinois State University's Board of Trustees approved a new bachelor's degree program in renewable energy. If given the green light by the state's Board of Higher Education Approval, the program would become the first of its kind in Illinois.

According to Moline's WQAD, the program contains two tracks: a student can major in the technical side of renewable energy generation, or study the economics, law and policy of clean power. Additionally, s/he can choose concentrations in Wind or Ethanol -- not surprising in corn country!

ISU's press release also notes that the program will be multidisciplinary in nature:

The degree will be administered by the Department of Technology, but will draw from existing courses in the Agriculture, Economics, Health Sciences, Geography-Geology, Mathematics Politics and Government and Physics departments. The program will add one new faculty position and 40 majors are anticipated to enroll by the fourth year of the program.
When designing the program, faculty and administrators included a panel of renewable energy industry representatives in the process to insure that graduates will be ready to go to work. We're guessing that, with the recent surge of interest in renewables, they won't have much trouble finding those first jobs. and Illinois State University
Photo Credit: Mendota Hills Wind Farm and NREL/DOE

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