Ice Energy's Cool Add-On Ups AC Efficiency 30%.

Instead of "look...a runaway bride", TreeHugger writers go more for "look..homeowners can save hundreds each month". We're that way because we know our readers love commonsense technologies like bicycles as much as they do complex new stuff like hybrid cars. Ice Energy's debut product, which upgrades a conventional air conditioner by using night-made ice to shave the expensive peak daytime AC load, certainly seems to be the real "Big Green" deal. They claim up to a 95% day-time air conditioning efficiency boost, and, according to a DOE review, a 30% overall energy savings. This should give serious pause to the other Federal agencies who think the only practical route forward is to "drill our way out" of Peak Oil and ignore the risk of climate change.Right now the "Ice Bear" commercial unit (pictured) is getting some field testing in "brown out central" municipal buldings. They already make a unit for McMansions (4,000 ft2+ homes) but are reported to be working on a smaller one for average residences. That's striking distance from a lot of TreeHuggers we think.

A typical AC compressor unit has a design life around 15 years or more; so, saving 30% of operating costs every year should result in a decent paypack. The Ice Energy website has cool schematics and install pics which TreeHugger recommends you check out before commenting.

From the Victorville CA Daily Press of July 26th. "Officials at Victorville City Hall are running one of Ice Energy's cooling units as part of a free demonstration project. After about three months, the city will look at the energy savings and may order three to four units for city buildings, said Jon Gargan, Victorville's director of community services"..."The city of Anaheim is also participating in the pilot project".

"The Ice Energy device includes a storage unit containing water is attached to the air conditioner. During the night, when the air conditioner is working most efficiently, the water is frozen. Then during the day, that ice provides a cool environment for the air conditioner to transfer heat from the building, increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner during hot hours, when demand for electricity peaks".

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