Ice Battery: Design Basis For Solar Vaccine Chiller

In earlier posts, Lloyd and I wrote about a fairly elegant, somewhat complex way of using ice-making capabilities to increase the overall efficiency of commercial and residential air conditioning. It is called the "Ice Bear". Using similar principles, designers sponsored by several international organizations (see below), have now come up with the "Ice Battery," a design which looks to be the product of graduates from an "un-engineering" school. It uses three 60W panels to run a direct current compressor, enabling the cooler to produce an ice bank that maintains the required temperature. This "ice battery" is used in place of an expensive electrical battery to maintain cooling when the sun goes down. So simple is it, that it provokes the immediate response 'why didn't they think of this before?' From the linked website: - "Greenpeace International, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organisation (WHO), GTZ Proklima, Programmes for Appropriate Technologies in Health (PATH) and the Danish Technological Institute have championed the Solar Chill project, which has developed a solar powered refrigeration system to store vaccines in areas without electricity. Lack of dependable electricity supplies is a main reason for the spoiling of vaccines before they can be used." We tip our hat especially to Greenpeace on this one, having recently roasted them a bit on a computer ranking regime. Cool alternative energy design is obviously their strong set.