Hydrogen Powered Robots and More at World's Largest Solar & Fuel Cell Expo (video)

Tokyo is currently hosting the world's largest extravaganza of photovoltaic (solar cells) and fuel cell technology, PV & FC Expo 2009, at Tokyo Big Sight. The event caters for manufacturers and investors so there are a lot of highly technical stalls, but you can also see weird and wonderful new tech and gadgets, including the dancing hydrogen-powered robot and her robot dog companion seen here. Although there is still controversy over whether or not a hydrogen economy is viable, judging by the sheer volume of commercial interest at this event it will surely become at least one part of a future sustainable economy.

PV & FC Expo 2009 Logo

Other products on display at FC Expo 2009 included Yamaha's FC-dii hydrogen fuel cell motorbike:

Yamaha's FC-dii Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Motorbike at FC Expo 2009 Tokyo photo

As eco-samurai posted on their blog, the FC-dii was also displayed at Eco-products 2008.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies were present with a variety of hydrogen powered products.

These included a hydrogen powered assisted-drive bicycle from Horizon (which is now on sale but not cheap at $4,600):

Horizon's Hydrogen Powered Bicycle at FC Expo 2009 photo

The hydrogen packs provide assisted power when needed and can be recharged:

Closeup of Horizon's Hydrogen Powered Bicycle Power Pack at FC Expo 2009 photo

They also had some of their hydrogen powered toys and fuel cell/energy generation educational kits. The H-racer is also pricey at around US$120, but it includes a solar cell and a "hydrogen station."

Horizon's H-racer hydrogen powered remote controlled car at FC Expo 2009 Tokyo photo

I'm sure kids would love to see one of those in their classrooms.

Kawasaki were also there with their fuel cell light rail concept:

Kawasaki's Fuel Cell Light Rail at FC Expo 2009 Tokyo photo

As we have mentioned previously on Treehugger, Japan is banking on fuel cells and a hydrogen economy, and there is a lot of interest in promoting both the technologies and the infrastructure here. Hydrogen is thought of by many as one of the few realistic options to replace natural gas and oil for transportation and as it can be produced with solar, wind or wave power, or from biogas, it could be one of the carbon neutral energy sources of the future.

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