North America to Add 400,000 Megawatts of 'Smart' Energy By 2015

America. Land of climate-change deniers and drill, drill, drill proponents.

Or that's how it seems sometimes. But a new research report from Pike is emblazoned with this headline:

"North America Will Lead the World in New Smart Energy Capacity Additions through 2015" - Pike Research

And the report on smart energy, which covers a wide range of smart energy types (see bulleted list below), goes on to say that North American will generate 400,000 Megawatts of capacity in the next three years.

How did that happen? And how did this good news fail to become a meme?

It happened, according to Pike's Kerry-Ann Adamson, in part because state governments took on renewable energy standards and goals. Adamson said biofuel and biopower (electricity generated from waste and biomass) are overwhelmingly predominant in new installations, but she sees a good story in some other sectors.

"There are a number of exciting underlying growth areas that could create a more sustainable, high value, high growth smart energy sector in North America.” - Kerry-Ann Adamson

Pike says that in what it calls the 'smart energy market' there is availability in the U.S. market of the technological and physical equipment pieces needed in all of the different energy segments - wind, biomass, biofuels and solar, and also geothermal - creating revenue opportunities in all the segments.

While North America has the most capacity and will add the most megawatts, the Asian smart energy market is growing the fastest, and might eclipse North America in the years after 2015, Pike said.

Here's a list of the different renewable or smart energy generating sectors covered in Pike's report:
 Biofuel
 Biopower
 Waste-to-Energy
 Building Integrated PV
 Concentrated Solar Power
 Distributed Solar
 Offshore Wind
 Onshore Wind
 Geothermal
 Hydrokinetic Power
 Stationary Fuel Cells
 Engine-Driven CHP
 Ancillary Services
 Storage for the Grid
 Community and Residential Storage

North America to Add 400,000 Megawatts of 'Smart' Energy By 2015
Solyndra gets the headlines. But it seems more like solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and waste energy are the stars in a North American renewables advance.

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