How much power does it take to watch the Super Bowl?

big game renewables
© KDM Engineering (used with permission)

From hamsters to hand cranks to hip hop, here are 12 curious ways to power your TV using renewable energy.

Everything about the Super Bowl is big, from the 110-million-plus crowds that gather to watch, to the platters of greasy snacks and pints of beer, to the size of the players themselves, to the immense TV screens that really earn their keep on a day like this.

But another big part of the Super Bowl that’s not often considered is the amount of electricity needed to run all those large-screen plasma TVs, keeping sports-hungry Americans on the edge of their seats. That power comes from somewhere – but have you thought about where, exactly?

Getting you to think about the source of your TV’s power during the next Super Bowl on February 5, 2017, is the goal of the following, rather amusing infographic from KDM Engineering. As you’ll discover, there are many different ways to generate power, from sophisticated wind turbines and solar panels to hamsters running on treadmills and homemade potato batteries.

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