Holiday Gift Ideas For The Fuel Cell "Skeptic" On Your List

Many of us have a junior fuel cell skeptic or an adult "hydrogen doubter" on our holiday gift list. If find yourself in this situation, now you can satisfy the spirit of green giving and make a convincing case for optimism with a trip to the Fuel Cell Store. Yes Virginia, there is a fuel cell store. What could be better for this purpose than a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) kit? The Fuel Cell Store even offers a fully functioning power back up system for that special skeptic who’s worried about a power outage, but also concerned about the noise and carbon monoxide poisoning risk of a conventional generator. Our finding the Fuel Cell Store comes at a particularly opportune time, as we TreeHugger writers have been looking for a place to order for Lloyd the "Energy For You" - EFOY 600 - Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (pictured) for his cabin. That way he'll be sure not to miss posting on next summer's Dorito Harvest . There's some urgency around this, as climate scientists are projecting a much earlier crop next year as well as the possibility of outbreaks in the Great Lakes.The EFOY is $3,635.00 and performs at 600Wh/day, with two 5-Liter methanol fuel cartridges for the EFOY going at US$95.00. For the experienced skeptic, especially those with engineering backgrounds, we note that the Fuel Cell Store also carries a full line of pure hydrogen models as well.

For those outside North American, a full pdf file list of EFOY distributors is here.

For a spec sheet on all three EFOY models, all of which are DMFC units, look here.