High Voltage Direct Current Explained.

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Whenever we write about the benefits of direct current at either high voltage or low, we get comments like "You are an idiot and KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE GENERATION AND TRANSPORTATION OF ELECTRICITY! QUIT TELLING LIES!!!!!!!" . Then we have other commenters who get worked up.

Over at Worldchanging, Andy Lubershane uses his trademark humour and comic skills to explain all about this issue. Check out his Earthly Comics site as well:

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Where he does a good job of explaining gray water systems.

His purpose:

For a long time now I've been convinced that comics are a great medium for explaining difficult technical concepts. Case in point: I'd say a good 50% of my education before the age of fourteen came from either Larry Gonick's "Cartoon Guide" series, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side or MAD Magazine.

The concepts I know of that most desperately need explaining at this moment in history are the ones that explain how we can create a world in which our planet's precious resources are used sustainably and distributed equitably.

It's true; one could learn a lot in Mad Magazine.

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