Here We Go Again. Steorn Promise Free, Clean Energy


Still waiting for the welts to heal, from the lashing we received, when we had the tenacity to mention, in passing, the Joe Cell, we take our weeping wounds into the fray once more. An Irish company reckon they have developed a new energy technology that appears to violate the laws of physics. In short, "Steorn is making three claims for its technology: 1. The technology has a coefficient of performance greater than 100%. 2. The operation of the technology (i.e. the creation of energy) is not derived from the degradation of its component parts. 3. There is no identifiable environmental source of the energy (as might be witnessed by a cooling of ambient air temperature)." They further suggest "Steorn's technology produces free, clean and constant energy. This provides a significant range of benefits, from the convenience of never having to refuel your car or recharge your mobile phone, to a genuine solution to the need for zero emission energy production. It also provides a secure supply of energy, since the components of the technology are readily available." Knowing that birch sticks await such nonsensical claims, the company placed an ad in The Economist newspaper, calling for scientists to verify their findings. Now please remember TH is not claiming anything, merely passing the news along. You can read what little else there is to go on, at their website. ::Steorn, via Gizmag.