GridPoint's Instant-On Backup for Renewable Power

gridpoint connect.jpg
Plug and play power management/battery bundles are coming to the renewable power field. Renewable energy systems force owners of existing buildings into a fundamental choice. Either configure the entire home or business to be grid idependent, or dabble in it, the latter course requiring you decide in advance which appliances will get backup power when the grid is down, re-do the building circuits accordingly, and, finally, hire a professional installer to custom rig critical circuits to a solar panel array,batteries, conditioner, and so on. So many choices. What to do first?The more sophisticated the always-on appliances are, the more risky the proposition of getting through the "switch over" undamaged and net synched. Fast and reliable become top criteria for the choice. With the back and forth of price estimating several configuration scenarios, finding the materials, and locating experienced contractors, anything that simplifies is welcome. That's the context for GridPoint's new intelligent energy management (IEM) product called "Connect". From the press release: "Made especially for renewable energy customers, GridPoint Connect is a grid-tied battery backup product that integrates and converts energy from solar panels into electricity that can be used immediately by the customer or stored within the product for future use. The product can also determine the amount of energy used from solar panels versus the utility company as well as peak usage throughout the day. In addition to providing backup power during outages, GridPoint Connect also enables users to sell excess energy back to the utility".

We love the simplicity and scaleability aspect of this design, because it empowers a DIY confidence for the person with a limited cash flow and big dreams. "First we'll do the furnace and home office; then later, when money allows, we move on to the kitchen and familiy room, etc"