Greenwash Watch: Greenwrapping: Solar Panels on a New Gas Fired Generator


Nobody in Toronto wants the Portland Energy Centre, a C$730 million dollar, 550 megawatt natural gas fired power plant being installed because the Province didn't plan for the needs of Toronto and now would rather spend money on this instead of conservation- that could buy a lot of CFL's. The Mayor, the Waterfront Revitalization people trying to build a park , and the neighbouring citizens don't want it. The plant will add Nitrogen Oxides and particulates to residential and recreational areas and of course, CO2. Thus what can we call it when we hear that PEC will supply "2.4 million dollars worth of land" for a 1 megawatt solar research facility built by Arise Technologies and the U of T? Greenwrapping, the idea that you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear by wrapping it in solar goodness and teaching the kids.
"U of T students and staff at ARISE will use the facility to conduct research on renewable energysystems and technologies. This will help develop the utilization of PV systems for commercial and utility scale systems." We thought that most of that kind of research was done, but evidently there is still room: ""This is an excellent opportunity for our students to get first hand exposure to commercial scale solar electric systems"

"This project will establish Toronto and Ontario as a world leader in solar energy research and development and education," said Energy Minister Dwight Duncan. "Solar and other forms of renewable energy are an important part of Ontario's energy future." -especially if we can wrap our new gas and nuclear plants in them. Why not stick a turbine on top? Sorry, Dwight, you will have to do better than this. :;Press Release PDF from Arise and PEC; via ::ecosherpa

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