Greenwash Watch: Exxon's New Improved Lithium Ion Battery


The conspiracy theorist in me just can't take inveterate funder of climate change sceptics and anti-regulation lobbyists Exxon Mobil at face value. Usually one thinks of them buying up patents for improved batteries to deep-six them somewhere rather than expensively splashing them over two pages of major newspapers across the country. Their press release proudly announces "new battery separator films that are expected to significantly enhance the power, safety and reliability of lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles. As a result, the new film technologies have the potential to improve the energy efficiency and affordability of the next wave of lower-emission vehicles."

And why now? There is nothing new here, they made the same announcement in another press release back on May 8. Same stuff. Something is up. ::Exxon Mobil

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