GreenFuel: Producing Biofuel from Algae and Power-Plant Emissions

GreenFuel Technologies is a company that seems to have found a way to do a doubly-positive thing: First, to clean up power-plant emissions some, and then, to produce biofuels. What they do is set up one of their bioreactors - three meters tall glass tubes - so that the carbon-rich emissions from power plants can be fed to them, along with additional sun and water, and then they just watch the algae grow! Once they have enough, they harvest it and process it so that it becomes biofuel. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. They make money, power plants decrease their emissions, and we have biofuels. I guess this story has a happy ending.Here is the company's sale pitch: Using the sun as a free energy source, GreenFuel's proprietary algae bioreactor system recycles up to 86% of NOx and 40% of CO2 from smokestack emissions into renewable clean air biofuels™ competitive with conventional fossil fuel products, generating revenue by decreasing emissions. Clean, renewable, profitable. GreenFuel.
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