Green Tomato Cabs in London

Who ever heard of giving up law to drive taxi's? Tom Packenham and Jonny Goldstone did. They founded Green Tomato Cars, and will pick you up in a Prius. London cabbies are famous for knowing the City well; Green Tomato drivers are all fully licensed, trained and conversant with Green Tomato’s environmental implications. ‘Being green used to mean paying more for worse service,’ says Packenham, ‘but we intend to emulate the best of the other cab firms if we are going to compete"...‘We want to attract everybody: people who care about the environment, corporate clients who want to show that they’re not just chasing profits, and people who just want a cab that is comfortable, fast and doesn’t break down." Come to North America. Please. ::Green Tomato Cars via ::Time Out and tipster Bonnie

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