Green Stats: 77 Percent


77 -- the percentage of consumers who think that an energy efficient or green operational model is the single most important quality of a corporation trying to be an environmental leader.

54 -- the percentage of consumers could not name a company who supplied renewable or otherwise "green" energy.

71 -- the percentage of consumers who rated their level of familiarity 8-10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) with the term "energy efficiency," versus only 53% for "going green."

81 -- the percentage of consumers who, after seeing a mix of 12 companies representing various industries and indicating which they thought were most committed to using or providing renewable energy, picked GE at the top of the list. Honda was second at 65 percent.

All of this according to a recent EcoPinion survey on green brands and brand messaging that that very few brands have any resonance in the market for green products and services. "Consumers largely have a neutral, wait-and-see stance on company commitments and leadership on renewable energy, energy efficiency and the environment."Interesting. We wonder how these same respondents would respond to greenwashing, what they would think of companies like Burt's Bees, now that they're owned by Clorox and how they rate Clorox's own green efforts. It seems like there's a lot of hay to be made from effectively marketing green initiatives to consumers, but it's clear that they want to see quantitative action before really buying in to it.

It begs the question: what green marketing do you believe? ::EcoAlign via ::CSRwire

Green Stats: 77 Percent
54 -- the percentage of consumers could not name a company who

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