Green Schools Project Promotes Renewables & Sustainable Agriculture (Video)

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Image credit: The Cooperative Group

The retail and banking giant Cooperative Group's ethical business push has been making headlines in green business. From Fair Trade to renewables to sustainable agriculture, the organization is building on its heritage as a member-owned corporation to position itself as an authority in all things green, fair and progressive—and with convincing credibility. The added benefit of their publicity push is that an awful lot of worthy projects they partner with are getting their message out as a result.
We already saw some great footage last week from the Coop's ad spots on community-based wind cooperatives, as well as their aggressive and comprehensive approach to supporting UK honey bees and fighting Colony Collapse Disorder.

Next up is an inspiring video about the Cooperative Group's Green Schools Initiative, which works with over 100,000 students a year on a broad range of sustainability issues from learning about sustainable agriculture, through visiting wind farms, to putting solar panels on school roofs. Once again, it's good to see the Coop's green programs moving beyond tokenism or headline-grabbing stunts, and instead connecting the dots between various elements of sustainability:

The Co-operative's Green Schools initiative the most wide-ranging sustainability programme in UK schools. From helping to organize walking buses, to providing visits to green energy sites, and to farms to see how food is grown, we can engage pupils with a broader spectrum of projects than any other UK business.

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