Green Power Sold Out

Add another link in the chain for Green Power. Andy, a dedicated TH reader, tipped us off to Maritime Electric from Prince Edward Island Canada after reading about the TVA Green Power program. Maritime Electric was able to build a wind farm due to the governments of Canada and PEI agreeing to pay a premium for the green energy (I hope other governments are listening). After using the energy for government buildings the remaining ~20% is sold by Maritime Electric to local civilians. The premium price the locals pay for Green Power is $3.75 ca extra per 150 kWh, which compares favorably to the TVA who sells their Green Power for $4 us extra per 150 kWh when you figure in currency conversions. The best part is, the program is sold out. Just goes to show, green power is popular, and people are willing to pay a few extra bucks a month to convert to a sustainable solution. (Thanks Andy!) :: Maritime Electric ::Prince Edward Island ::TVA Green Power [by T. McGee]