Green Power Generators: Bringing Biodiesel to Tinsel Town


We have already covered the incredible amount of pollution created by the movie industry in Hollywood. Now, one enterprising company is looking to change all that. Green Power Generators is specializing in custom built generators that can be run on biodiesel — releasing, they claim, up to 70% less carbom monoxide, and 40% less nitrogen oxides. The idea, says Green Power Generators' co-founder Tomer DeVito, is to help the entertainment industry move beyond the dirty diesel generators that are apparently the biggest polluters on most film sets:

"We hope to pioneer a change in the way we do things in Hollywood, and beyond. We have already been embraced by several environmental non-profits who will help us encourage all large scale productions to use clean burning fuel."

Of course, anyone who reads TreeHugger regularly will know that biodiesel is no panacea in itself - there have been numerous environmental problems associated with irresponsible sourcing of feedstocks, including destruction of rainforests, and possible rises in the cost of food. We'd be interested, therefore, to hear more about Green Power Generators' sourcing policy. Their website says they source the cleanest burning fuel available, but this does not address the issue of where the feedstock comes from, or the emissions involved in producing it. We'd love to hear more — are these fuels made from waste and/or locally grown resources?

It's great to see Hollywood making attempts to move beyond Big Oil though, and we hope the folks at Green Power Generators keep their eyes on the prize in terms of using only the most sustainable biofuels available, cutting pollution both on set, and in the wider world of which even Hollywood is a part. ::Green Power Generators:: via site visit ::

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