Green Mountain Power Offers Renewable Energy


Green Mountain Power announced today that its customers now have the choice of buying all or a portion of their power from renewable resources. The Vermont-based utility will purchase certified renewable resources on the New England power grid equal to the portion of electricity customers designate to purchase through the new program, appropriately named "Greener Mountain Power." The program is available to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Residential and small commercial customers can choose to have 25 percent, 50 percent or 100 percent of their power come from renewable resources. The renewable power option is slightly more expensive; customers pay just over four cents more per kilowatt hour. For example, for residential customers who use 750 kilowatt hours a month, signing up for 25 percent of their use under Greener Mountain Power would add $7.88 to their $97.55 monthly bill, for a total of $105.43. We think opportunities like these are worth the extra pennies. ::Green Mountain Power via ::CSRWire