Green Money: Energy Banks


Jeremy Faludi at WorldChanging writes about a concept that we can only describe as being sublimely elegant: Energy banks. He begins: "One of the obstacles facing energy-saving retrofits or construction of manufacturing systems and buildings is that up-front costs are often high, even when money is saved in the long run. But if you install a solar array that has a five-year payback time, it has a 20% annual return on investment; this far higher than the return of most stocks, and it is risk-free, since electricity prices are not going to go down--it can only get better than 20%. The same is even more true for gas-saving investments, where price volatility can be high. Clearly there are good investments to be made here." We know that such systems exist in the corporate world, and that some governments are doing something similar, but the concept is so good that it has to be pushed further where it already exist, and expanded to all sectors of human activity. If green investment money was more available, it would make it so much easier to improve things. Please, read the rest: ::Things That Should Exist: Energy Banks