Green Jobs a Joke? If You Ask Some in Congress, Yes

Politicians are hitting the House floor to pontificate on ACES, the climate and energy bill moving through Congress. Whatever you think of the bill, it must be said that most people agree that it will help create new green jobs. But for some in Congress, that was a reason to scoff.Courtesy of Think Progress, here's the transcript from the video:

REP. JOHN FLEMING (R-LA): What we really get is a pass-through of taxpayer dollars that go into what I would call artificial - or I call them paper mâché jobs, so-called green jobs.

REP. TODD AKIN (R-MO): The green jobs that are being talked about, we’re going to create all these green jobs. In Spain, they call them subprime jobs.

REP. G.T. THOMPSON (R-PA): This is all in the name of green, greening America, specifically solar and hydro. But I have to - in terms of the economy, the other green that comes to mind is gangrene.

Green Jobs Reality
During his campaign, President Obama promised to spend $150 billion over 10 years to create 5 million new green-collar jobs. He then hired Van Jones to make his promise a reality. If a climate and energy bill is passed this year, there is no doubt that our economy will begin its transition to one built on green energy. Jobs will have to be created to make that transition--that's just common sense. Some may not believe it, but facts are facts. Take this as proof. Green energy overtook fossil fuels in new investment for power generation for the first time last year, according to numbers released today by the United Nations.

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