Green Gold Biodiesel in the UK


Earlier this year it was the turn of Sydney, Australia to get it’s first biodiesel service station*, and now we discover that in Manchester is located the UK's first dedicated biodiesel garage. Green Gold Biodiesel provide a B5 blend of 5% biodiesel and mineral diesel, which meets the the European standard for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. It's made from rapeseed and waste cooking oil, not palm oil, as they suggest this leads to deforestation. Additionally they have a B100, being 100% locally sourced recycled vegetable oil. The latter is only available to members of the Manchester Biodiesel Cooperative. Members (ranging from £10 per year for an individual, to £25 for a business) also have access to an in-house mechanic and discounted parts. The garage is open 6 days a week. When we last looked the prices were 96.0 p / litre for B5 and 92.9 for the B100. ::Green Gold Biodiesel, via Vita.* The Sydney one closed last month, but is looking for a new location.