Green Electricity: Net Metering in Canada


The dream of many treehuggers is to produce their own power, but not any kind of power: Clean, renewable energy. Some prefer going off-grid and being 100% self-sufficient while others would rather keep a grid connection and avoid having to buy expensive batteries (or buy less of them and use them during emergencies only). Unfortunately, net metering - the ability for your power utility to accept your surplus energy and make your meter "turn backwards" to credit your production - is not available everywhere yet. The best way to find out is to ask your utility, but for Canadians we have found this convenient little guide that shows where it is available and where it is planned. Here are a few stores that sell the equipment needed to generate clean power: the Alternative Energy Store, the Affordable Solar Store, Energy Alternatives ltd, Real Goods: Solar Living and this solar store that we so poetically described. See also: ::How to Go Green: Electricity

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