Green Crude Made From Algae Grown on Sewage: New Zealand's Aquaflow Bionomic Corp.

aquanomics green crude production photo

photo: Aquanomics Bionomics Corp.

Add another company to the growing list of candidates for the first company to make commercial-scale quantities of "green crude". New Zealand-based Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation has announced that it has produced its first samples of algae-based synthetic gasoline at a (undisclosed) commercially competitive price. There's not much available on the announcement on the company's website, but this is what we've got so far:
Algae Grown on Human Waste
Using wild algae grown on human sewage from Marlborough, New Zealand's sewage treatment ponds Aquaflow Bionomic says that its manufacturing process not only creates a green substitute for crude oil—the company says that it can be used not only to make fuel but also as a substitute for other products which require crude oil—but also creates water clean enough for irrigation or industrial use.

Aquaflow Bionomic's director Barrie Leay told The Marlborough Express , "This is an exciting development because we can separate fuels such as diesel and aviation fuels, as well as a range of high-value chemicals, from green crude."

Others Trying to Commercialize Green Crude
TreeHugger has covered companies making green crude a number of times, Sapphire Energy and Byogy most recently.

The main advantage of making a plant-based synthetic gasoline, rather than other biuofuels such as ethanol or biodiesel, is that it can be used in the existing fuel distribution stream and it current vehicles without modification.

via :: The Marlborough Express and :: New Zealand Herald
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