Grape Jelly Waste For Hydrogen Production: Nanologix & Welch Foods Inc

Lets dispense with prospective headline puns right off the bat, saving mainstream media the bother and hopfully sparing us the future pain of reading such. No you won't be able to stuff a PBJ sandwich in your fuel cell powered car. And no you will not top off the tank of your fuel cell car with the dregs of a bottle of Upstate New York Wine. Back to work. Early this year TreeHugger covered a Nanologix patent application for technology to produce hydrogen through anerobic fermentation of organic waste. The yield projections were seriously good. By recent reports they seem to be making progress. NanoLogix Inc has signed an agreement to install a NanoLogix hydrogen generation system that will be "fed" Welch Food Inc's waste organic matter. "Once successfully accomplished, this has the potentiality for solving the world energy crisis through the limitless production of hydrogen from any waste organic materials, such as sewer water, ground up garbage, etc." and " Welch Foods Inc is the world's leading marketer of Concord and Niagara grape-based products, including grape juice and jelly..." (Source: composite from Chemical Newsbase) More good grist for the hydrogen debate.