Grand Canyon Visitor Center to Get New Solar Power Array

grand canyon visitor center photo

Artist rendering of the completed system (above and below): APS

The spectacular scenery and ecosystem of the Grand Canyon will soon not be the only thing visitors to the National Park will be able to enjoy: Once completed in a few months, guests at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center on the south rim will be able to learn more about solar power, thanks to a donated solar panel array currently being installed. Here are the details:30% of Center’s Electricity Supplied by Solar Power
When completed in March of this year, the 84 solar panels being installed will supply 18 kW of power to the building, offsetting 30% of the facility’s energy needs. The panels will be located on the roof as well as ground-mounted platforms.

The educational component of the project comes to life in the form of signs inside the visitor center and alongside the ground-mounted panels which will provide visitors with more information about how the panels work and about solar power in general. Visitors will also be able to watch in real-time how much electricity the panels are generating on a video monitor.

Funding for the panels—the installation and the panels themselves costs $185,000—was received from Arizona Public Service customers through the Green Rates program and the Arizona Corporation Commissions Renewable Energy Standard. The whole system will be donated to the National Parks Service.

grand canyon visitor center solar power image

More: APS (press release)

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