Wind-Powered Cell Phone Charger


Ben Jandrell of recently gave the TreeHugger forums a sneak peak at his newest wind-powered invention, a tent-mounted cell phone charger prototype for the Glastonbury Festival. Commissioned by the UK-based communications company Orange, hence its color, the charger sits atop any dome-based tent providing a 1/2 watt trickle charge to a rechargeable battery (situated inside the tent) all day long. According to Ben, at wind speeds of approximately 12mph for 24 hours, the wind charger could store enough energy to take an average cell phone from empty to fully charged. This makes the charger much more practical than some of the wind-powered chargers we have featured before. Ben's charger should be a huge hit for music festivals like Glastonbury and for anyone who likes to go off-grid with their tech goodies - as it weighs in at just 150 grams sans mounting brackets. Although this was just a prototype for Orange, Ben is hoping to bring a commercial version of his invention at some point, so be on the lookout wind power fans.

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