Gorbachev Sounds Off on Nuclear vs Renewables

The guy who effectively ended the Cold War (aka 'my nuclear arsenal is bigger than yours'), and had to manage the cleanup of Chernobyl, has this to say on a topic doing the rounds at the moment: "Nuclear power is neither the answer to modern energy problems nor a panacea for climate change challenges," President Gorbachev said recently. "You don't actually solve problems by finding solutions that create more problems down the track. It doesn't add up economically, environmentally or socially. Of all the energy options, nuclear is the most capital intensive to establish, decommissioning is prohibitively expensive and the financial burden continues long after the plant is closed. In the U.S., for example, direct subsidies to nuclear energy amounted to $115 billion between 1947 and 1999 with a further $145 billion in indirect subsidies. In contrast, subsidies to wind and solar combined during the same period totaled only $5.5 billion." An extract from his press release, commemorating Chernobyl 20 years on, in which he beseeches the leaders of the G8 to show some spine, and support solar energy with a global fund of $50 billion USD. via ::Green Cross International.