GM Plugs Its Renewable Portfolio


General Motors may be not only be the world's largest automaker, but also the most controversial: just look at the heated discussions here on GM fuel cell vehicles, Big 3 fuel efficiency, and the EV1. While the company's vehicles will likely continue to create arguments, other developments in their use of energy to make those vehicles seem much more encouraging. Not only has the company opened a LEED-certified plant, but is also using a variety of renewable energy sources to partially power itself. Among the company's renewable accomplishments:

  • The largest corporate use of landfill gas in the U.S. The sum of landfill gas capacity at seven GM operations using the fuel is equivalent to the energy needed to heat over 25,000 households, which represents about 1.6 trillion BTUs per year. Landfill gas installations at GM plants generate annual savings exceeding $5 million.

  • The nation’s largest, corporate solar photo voltaic installation. This solar installation directly converts solar power into electricity.

  • New small hydro-power installations for GM facilities in Mexico that will become operational in 2007.
Are these reasons to buy a GM car next time you're shopping for one? Probably not. Are these reassuring signs that the company may be recognizing the benefits of greener alternatives in general? Possibly... ::General Motors